About A Poet



  Over the course of my days I have found pleasure in the arts, more precisely, in poetry. It has been one of my ambitions to pursue the art form that has had such a significant impact on my life. I have chosen to turn from formal training and education in light of self pursuit. I have always possessed the notion that structure is the only concept that can be taught in the arts, and the rest is something that only the individual artist can achieve through personal means. This belief has also caused me to turn away from the formal methods of publications and focus solely on the independent path. I have spent my time working vigorously in order to compile the aspects to construct my view of what poetry is. I adhere to rigid structure and focus on minimalism and simplicity; feeling that in the arts, less is more.

   It is through poetry that I attempt to express my views and understanding of this occurrence we call existence. These are simply the views and opinions of a human being attempting to understand this universe and all it entails. Thank you for taking the time to read my work.

— Jonathan Kulzyck