In Vain

I wait,
Perhaps in vain
Upon the edge of fate
Betwixt the walls of this bastille
For her.


I wait,
Perhaps in vain
But still I long for her,
And even now this love won’t ebb
From me.


My strength
Cannot endure
The gaping void within,
These misting eyes betray the walls
I built.


These walls, this mask
I built to hide my pain,
But they cannot confine the tears
I cry.


I fall…
And tear blind eyes
Can not behold the light,
Beneath these shadows hope will drown
In loss.


Be still
My broken heart,
Her hands will ne’er console
Will ne’er give balm to all these wounds
With warmth.


The cold
Of loneliness
Is sinking to the bones
And I can feel my freezing blood
Stand still.


She’s gone
And took my heart
Beyond the shadows gate,
Into a distance far beyond
My reach.


I wish
You would return
Into these forlorn arms,
Because I lack the strength to reach
For you.


I linger on,
Just drowning in the dark
Betwixt the walls of this bastille
In vain…