Nihilistic Mould

O how I tried to build my worth,
To carve a path by my design.
Rejection laden as I failed;
The others run and ne’er console.

I see, I never had control,
Subconscious gently pulled the strings;
Philosophies begin to fade,
My shield decays as dusk impales.

O fate, you cometh forth with scales,
My trembling hand will place its’ worth
Then watch the scales begin to tip,
Outweighed by nullity of lead.

As hope departs I fall with dread;
My body held, by fungus claimed.
And now I feel the hyphae dig
Of creeping, nihilistic mould.

Then watch true emptiness enfold
Around my mind with silken palls;
A human plagued by nothingness,
Just star-dust wishing it was more.