Monolithic Peace

Monolithic peace
Hangs in the late summer heat,
Betwixt quiet stones
Shaded by a maple tree.
The dead in slumber
Have minds adrift in the void
As they lie beneath
A soft pall of clovers’ white;
From that slumber’s grasp
Stir not as I wander by,
But a single crow
Flies from some distant domain,
Lands on the threshold,
Perches on the borderline.
It looks upon me
With such deep and solemn eyes,
Monolithic peace,
And an air of empathy
From atop a branch.
My heart imbibes the moment
As a drunken warmth
Soothes my raging blood and veins;
Because of that crow,
The crow standing o’er gravestones,
Watching me as I watch him.