Obsidian Heart

My life aflame with loss and rust;
Foundation shakes,
The earth now quakes,
As spires crumble, turn to dust.

I couldn’t pay my kingdoms cost,
So watch it fall,
In rubble crawl
And weep for what, my dear, was lost.

Through desolation I attain
A solemn throne
Of fractured stone,
From here above my ruins reign

And fall from my meridian;
On nightfall’s pyre
O’er shaded mire,
There, lies my heart obsidian

Now haunted by such memories,
Those shrouded knaves
Hold chains of slaves,
That bind me in these boundaries.

And, now I call across the skies
A sullen rhyme,
My darling, time,
Towards the dark horizon flies,

But here I reign o’er my despair;
My heart will host,
The fading ghost
Of memories without repair.