In Memoriam of father


I wander along
And approach the patch of grass
you call home, father.
Sleeping there beneath a stone
Whispering your name.
I know that you have faded,
But I come in vain;
Such tender nihilism
Caresses fractures
On this action made in vain.
O father, too long;
How quickly these memories
Have become obscure.
How long has your silence reigned
Where your voice once spoke,
Before it faded into
A dark horizon?
O father, I need council;
Such a time of need
When all the world crashes down
And I beg your voice.
Through all the tribulation;
A heart left shattered,
Empathy’s discarded grace,
The deep void of loss,
And the years are drifting by.
Mirth just an ember
In the wake of deep sorrows,
As my ramparts fall
And balance loses her scales.
Those veils are too dark,
My strength begins to faulter;
And a cloud lingers…
Yes, sometimes I dare to dream,
Sometimes I dare wish
That I too will fall asleep.
There, below a branch;
A noose loving me tightly,
Caressing with pain,
Kissing me with its’ release.
Then lay by your side,
Lowered into earth’s embrace
With shrouds of slumber
Replacing these veils of woe—
O father, O shade,
Does the weight of the gravestone
Resting on the heart
Fall shy of oblivion?
I wish you could speak,
Father, I cannot help it,
So many questions
Are weighing on all my thoughts
As you sleep in nothingness.



Sleep easy, father
In that shade; one day I will
Sleep easily too.