The Lovers’ Dream

“Dedicated to, Sunshine”

Of broken trust now crushed beneath a mill
To words of dust within my endless plea.
Attempts in vain, but no, I’m trying still
To clear away the doubts of cold debris.
O how I long for you, my love, to see
As bitter steel now sinks into my breast
That through this sacrifice I make for thee.
Remove my heart, within your hands expressed.
Now place it deep inside your weary chest
To harmonize and beat in kind with yours;
Let floods of my emotions here attest
The depth of love still seeping from my pores.
At odds we stand, divided from the heart;
Immortalized, this dream confined in art.


“I wish I could cut
out my heart and place it in
your chest… so you could
know the feelings I have for
you and put all doubts to rest.”