Canto l

With one utterance
The still air breaks into waves,
With each spoken word
We seek to bridge our domains.
How distant they are,
Microcosms beyond reach
Of my mortal hands,
And I, standing beyond yours,
Divided, alone…
Only the breeze to caress
Coldly on the cheek;
With silence wrapped around me
On the bed I sleep
And linger in these empty dreams.


Canto ll

Two microcosoms
And two architects step forth;
With determined eyes
They stare into veiling mist
And dream of a bridge,
Built of ethereal stone;
Reaching to the heart,
Reaching through the flesh and walls
To find some comfort
In the bonds of another.
Thus, with lifted hand
And conviction wrought of steel,
The architects reach
Towards that distant horizon.


Canto lll

With each spoken word
So is laid another block
By masterful hands.
Words of stone begin to mount
And pierce so deeply
Into that massive divide,
Ever fortified
With mortar of emotions
And desperation.
How they long to meet at last,
Together as one,
Reveling in harmony
Amidst ideal bliss.
So the architects push on,
Piercing that misty divide.



The architects sigh,
Whilst looking at the distance
Dividing microcosms.
The architects weep,
As stone proves insufficient
To bridge unbridgeable worlds.